Amazonia Expeditions

Manaus Amazon Brazil - New regular Expeditions starting in 2014

Brazilian Amazon Rainforest



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Rua 5 de Abril, 29 - Santo Antônio Manaus • AM 69 029-300 Brasil

e-mail : 55 (92) 3671 2731



Amazonia Expeditions - One of Brazil's host cities - come join us in the Amazon on Wold Cup year

New Itineraries


The real "Waterworld' is here.The Amazon Basin contains one fifth of the planet's running fresh water .We are priviliged not only by living here, but specially because our family, for the last 30 years , has been able to present new itineraries, balancing scientific knowledge with a friendly and informal atmosphere when dealing with visitors, which reflects the casualness and warmth of the Amazonian people.


                                              Raw Nature and Live Beauty !


 Click on the picture above for a description        Artwork © Ray Troll   Visit

Many, if not all of our tourists,become friends,and return for a new expedition.Living in Alaska USA,  Mr. Ray Troll presented us with a reproduction of one of his masterpieces , inspired when he took part in  our Discovery Voyage back in 2001. The original is at the Natural Science Museum in Miami, Florida.




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